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We're responsive

Dance Studio Manager is a responsive application. What does this mean for you and your clients? This means that Dance Studio Manager operates from any device- Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone or Desktop. It is particularly advantageous in the area of mobile devices. Both our administrative side and our Online Client registration portal can run directly from your phones browser. This means there is no need to ask your clients to install an app...simply to register for classes. They may do so right from their phones browser. It also means that your teachers can use any device to login and take attendance in class.
Responsive design is the wave of the future and we here at Dance Studio Manager are happy to offer this cutting edge technology to our clients.

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We are happy to call you on the phone, speak on skype, or exchange email. Please fill out the information below and we'll reply back with all the information you need to reach us by phone or email, and can even arrange a skype meeting.