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When it comes to dance school discounts, the plans can vary considerably from one school to another. And our programmers at Dance Studio Manager have implemented a wide range of discount and pricing options for our customers. Let’s talk about some of the options available to you in Dance Studio Manager. 


Discount Based on Hours – Give a discount to all students who take a certain number of hours per week.


Dance Lesson Coupons – Enable discount coupons under Settings. This will add an addional field under Settings called Discount coupons. You may setup coupons for an amount or a percentage off. Once enabled, a box will appear in the online client portal where your students can apply this discount.

Sibling Discount – Give a discount for siblings when there are at least 2 children.

Custom Family Tuition Under each families main account there is a tuition override option which allows for flexible tuition plans.

Custom Student Tuition 
Under each student account there is a tuition override option which allows for flexible tuition plans.

Discretionary Discount – For example: A teacher’s assistant that pays tuition but receives an additional discount.

Package Discount – Set up items under Settings – Sales Items and group items together into a package. For Example: 2 classes, a private coaching and a costume to sell at a discounted package rate. Or use one of the custom tuition options descibed above to apply a discount for multiple classes.


Sliding Scale Discounts – Buy 5 private lessons, get 5% off. But 10 private lessons, get 10% off. Etc.


Student Discounts – show your college ID and get a preferred rate. Similar discounts can be implemented based on age such as Senior Citizen Discount or Toddler Discount.


Gift Certificates – Often around holidays selling gift certificates can be popular way to increase sales.


Maximum Cumulative Discount Allowance – Say for example a students get 10% off for enrolling in 10 hours, plus 10% for being the second student in a family. Maybe you want to allow a maximum of 15% discount (instead of 20%).


So as you can see there are many ways to entice your dance students to buy more lessons, and we are here to help you implement plans that will help you grow your business. Note: If you do not see your plan, let us know! and we will add it for you.

Written By David DuVal