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Online Client Portal

The DSM Online Client Portal is a powerful feature that allows you to:
(note that many of the below referenced settings can be found in Settings > Online Client of your DSM)

  1. Live Schedule Feed for your customers – You have the choice to show Daily, Weekly or Monthly view. And of course you can hide items from the public schedule. Additionally, you have a choice of calendar format or a simple list view. If that is still not enough, we can customize it for you!
  2. Option to take payments online from a variety of processors. You can take payments from credit cards and bank accounts. Additionally, there are many ways to charge clients from recurring payments, one-time payments, payment as needed, and payment plans.
  3. Option to show the account ledger to families and students
  4. Online Messaging for delivering live updates to your clients so they can see important news for the whole school or information that is specific to that account or even a to a group of students.
  5. As clients register there are many options on what information you want to collect including
    • Address
    • Phone Numbers
    • Agreements and Forms
    • Personal Photo
    • And More
  6. Show Classes Organized in Tabs: In the online client portal, you can show different class programs in different tabbed pages. In this way you can better organize so your clients can better locate the classes the need to take. For example, you might want to show Adult Classes in one section and children in another. We are always happy to help you organize the online client so everything is clearly organized.