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Dance Studio Reports

While DSM comes pre-loaded with several reports, creating custom reports to meet exact customer requirements is something we do on a daily basis. DSM can:

  1. Import and export data from Excel, Microsoft Acess, Quickbooks, and many other formats.

  2. Create professional looking documents (usually in PDF) that you can provide to your students, parents, or teachers

  3. Create reports in DSM about student and teacher performance, finances, classes, and more

  4. Email PDFs to students and teachers as attachments


Here is a list of some of the reports already found in DSM (note ballroom reports can be a little different than ballet, tap and jazz):

  1. Client Statements with your logo

  2. Roll Sheets

  3. Gross Income Summary

  4. Payment Receipts Log

  5. “How Did You Hear About Us?” Summary

  6. Export Students to Excel

  7. Mailing Labels

  8. Monthly Private Lessons Report

  9. Inactive Students Report

  10. Birthdays and Anniversaries for a date range

  11. Sales report by teacher (or all)

  12. Private lesson revenue


And here are some other examples of custom reports

  1. Online Sales through the Online Client

  2. Costume Measurements (both PDF to fill out for student, and summary of all students)

  3. Quickbooks Export File

  4. Student Progress Sheets

Reports can play an integral part in helping you understand your business and communicate with your customers and staff. We are always happy to help you create a new report, or otherwise work with the data in DSM.

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