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Yoga Studio Software

Our software has all the features you need to run your pilates or yoga studio business.

Memberships and Drop In Classes

We can handle a wide range of scheduling and membership options. You can charge by the number of times per week people take classes (including unlimited). You can have a separate rate for drop-ins. You can allow people to sign up to attend specific classes each week, or let them choose the ones they want to attend. If you have special rates or discounts we can help you with that too. Above all, we will help to make sure that everything is setup to fit your existing program, and insure that it is easy to use for you.

Private and Semi-Private Classes

If your studio is more oriented toward private lessons, you’ll be able to schedule these easily, and not show them on the public calendar. So for example you’ll be able schedule a Pilates Private Session, but then also offer group yoga classes. You can easily view the calendar as an administrator and see just the private lessons, just the group classes, or both combined.

Online Portal

Let your customers sign up for classes online, pay with their credit card, or even agree to recurring payments that are automatically debited from their account each month. Whether you sell group passes, drop in classes or take payments based on the number of classes they take per week, including unlimited, Dance Studio Manager can handle this for you.

Messaging and Communication

Whether you need to send text message to a class because you need to cancel it, or send a mass email to all your clients, we have the tools you need to do that. In addition to text and email, you may also send targeted messages directly through the online customer portal.

Work from Anywhere and Any Device

Wherever there is an internet connection, you’ll be able to use our software. That includes PCs, notebooks, Macs, Android tablets and phones, Ipads and Iphones. And out software adapts to the device so it is easy to say take roll with your phone, and then look at reports on your PC. All features are available on all devices.

Teacher and Staff Logins

If you need your teachers to have a separate but limited login, no problem. They will be able to do things like take attendance, print roll sheets, or contact their students. We can fine tune what you want them to see and what you don’t. And as they work, you’ll be able to track what classes they conducted, and print payroll reports for each teacher, even accounting for substitutes.

The best way to see the power of our software is to sign up for the free trial. It takes 30 seconds to fill out the form and login, so what are waiting for!