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Database Import-Export

Database Import Export

If you are like many of our dance clients, you are moving from another customer management system over to DSM, and we make easy for you to get your dance database into DSM. If you can get your student list to us, we will get it imported into DSM free of charge. If there is other data you need imported as well, let know and we will make arrangements to import that too.


Data Formats

Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx)

Comma Separated or Tab Separated (.csv, .tsv)

Open Document Format (.ods)

mySQL and most other SQL formats (.sql)

Microsoft Access (.mdb)


If you have your data in another format, let us know, and most likely we can help.


Most software has a feature where you can export the data, or in some cases you can email them and request everything be sent over. And with DSM we always make sure you have access to download all of your data at any time! We love having you as a customer, but if ever feel you need to freeze or stop using our software, we want to make everything as easy as possible for you.


Written By David DuVal