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Tuition Override

While we offer many, many ways to create discount systems, pricing grids, hourly rates, etc… sometimes you still need a way to Override the the tuition that is charged, and just set it to what you need it to be with tuition override! Family Tuition Override No problem! Let’s take a look at how this… Read More »

Transferring student from one class to another without deleting history

How to transfer a student from one class to another without deleting their history or payment Click on class that student is enrolled in under Student and Related Classes, Select Delete Next, if you wish to enroll student into another class, Click Add to Class. If student has already paid for previous class, but is… Read More »

Setting up custom tuition plans

Under each family and student account there is a tuition override field. You can set custom tuition pricing for the family or student. To set family Tuition, Go to Main Account, Click Additional, add family tuition over ride To set individual student tuition over ride, go to Related Students and Classes. Click on blue edit… Read More »

Adding credit to student account

Question from Dance Studio Manager customer: Q. I have a couple of students who have studio credit from fundraising. Is there a way I can add credit to their accounts so they can see what their balances are?   A. Yes. In the lower left corner of the family ledger there is a blue button called… Read More »

Creating Separate Logins for Instructors

It is very easy to create separate logins in Dance Studio Manager so that your instructors do not have full administrative access. When adding an instructor to DSM, there are three main options: Administrator, Instructor, and Instructor with restricted permissions. Administrator: Full access to all information Instructor: Can see all Students/families. But, they can only… Read More »

SMS Text Messaging

Here is a quick guide to sending SMS text messages in DSM. First you will need to sign up for an account at Nexmo. Then fill in the fields here. After creating your account, your Key and Secret are located here. If you are reading this and just want to know about their pricing, here… Read More »

Client Notifications

Staying in touch with your clients is very important, and DSM offers multiple methods, including Push Notifications through the use of Progressive Web App technology. In addition, we offer text messaging through Nexmo, and email delivery through multiple email services. At the time of this writing, we are continuing to make enhancements in this area!… Read More »

Shopping Cart and Payments in the Online Client

The online client shopping cart is very flexible when it comes to setting the ways that you want to collect payments. In this help topic, we will go over this in more detail. If you want to follow along and understand, it would be recommended that you have the Online Client open in one tab,… Read More »

Global Settings

Here we will go through all of the Global Settings for DSM. Let’s get started! Common Name – the name of your studio that will appear in the upper left corner of your DSM Address City State Phone Website – use this format: (but of course your website URL) Email (used for info) –… Read More »

Statement Settings

Let’s review the statement settings found under Settings > Global Settings. It is near the bottom (so scroll down). Title/Logo settings Show Due Date Statement Text Show Payments Section Show Charges From Charges Description Item Show Payments From Statement Text 2 Paper size Show Payments under Charges (second attachment shows result when set to “yes”)… Read More »